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Ok. Keepspace apparently does not claim ownership of all material on its servers. I was led astray by ill-informed third parties who didn't know what they were talking about. Hilarity ensued, trouble was gotten into, ToS agreements were defiled, amends were made, and the peasants rejoiced. Superhighway will still not be going up on Hypothesis: No for other reasons, to be explained forthwith.

I have finished it. Finally. Now a few things have to happen. I have to edit it, first of all, for obvious spelling and grammar errors, and for plot continuity and loopholes. Once that is finished, I will be handing printed and digital manuscripts to my lieutenants for some in-depth critiquing, more editing, and general quality control. Once that is finished, I'll be making a bid to publish. Cover art will be drawn, copies will be printed and sold, and the peasants will once again rejoice.

Also, negotiations are under way which may lead, at last, to the web-comic-ification of Superhighway. I have contacted a capable artist who has been looking for a capable writer for some time, and if all goes well you will see issues of Superhighway the webcomic popping up in this space some time in the near future.

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